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Established in 2015, WH BESPOKE ES PARTNER TAILOR is a company that supplies a wide range of bespoke or tailor-made clothing. Our head office is situated in Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia. The company specializes in bespoke suits, blazer, coat, and many more. We promise the quality of our products, the best price, and understanding specific needs of our customers. Kindly contact us now for more details.

The master tailor
Edmund Yap is truly an experienced master tailor, and his story is incredibly inspiring. Working at his tailor shop, I learned the art of British tailoring, and for 30 years, I also served at other tailoring establishments, including Lords Tailor and Burlington Tailor, catering to numerous political figures, ministers, and business luminaries. His remarkable career deserves the utmost admiration!

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What Clients Say
Good Consultant & Idealist's Logo
Good Consultant & Idealist
- NotyJinn
I am a very fat guy. I always found out difficulties in finding shirts except the qualities one at The Big and Tall Shop in KL. When I went to Shawn in January for the 2nd time; I mumbling a lot about my unsatisfaction shirts that I bought. So; with Shawn, I ask him to alter follow my best dream shirt....hahaha. At that time; I want him to made me 2 shirts and a suit. Within 2 weeks plus, I feel very comfortable and Shawn really knows what I dreamt for. Hahaha Baru aje antar kain untuk buat Baju Melayu nak raya pulak. Deal with Shawn and tell him really what u want. He is a good consultant and also an idealist.
Wonderful Experience's Logo
Wonderful Experience
-Chris Edwards
Shawn provides a wonderful experience. He educated me on everything I needed to know to have a custom tailored suit crafted. The final product was better than I could have asked for. Thanks Shawn and I'll see you next time.
Truly Tailored Suit's Logo
Truly Tailored Suit
-Jin Tzer Lee
Excellent experience, craftsmanship and service. Shawn is very dedicated to find the right materials and cut for a truly tailored suit. I bought several suits and they look great.
Fit & Comfortable's Logo
Fit & Comfortable
-Sven Schneider
One of the best quality trouser I have come across. Great fitting & it really feel comfortable to wear. With personal hand crafted details, which reflect my own characteristic. Keep it up Shawn! He is the best tailor in town!
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Definitely Recommend
-Dennis Creary
I've had suits made in the US in London and Hong Kong but by far this has been my best experience as far as fit quality and value to money I definitely recommend WH bespoke !!😊
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